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Dibble Mate
  • Dibble Mate

    Introducing the Dibble Mate - the perfect accessory for any of our Dibble Boards. With the Dibble Mate, you can create a dedicated workstation just for dibbling, making your seeding and cutting process more efficient than ever before.


    Easy to assemble and operate, the Dibble Mate is operated by foot, freeing up your hands to handle trays and cuttings. And because it's designed to work with any of our Dibble Boards, you can customize your dibbling experience to suit your specific needs.


    With the Dibble Mate, you'll be able to dibble faster and more accurately than ever before. And because it's designed to be used with your feet, you'll be able to work more efficiently and reduce the strain on your hands and arms.


    Invest in the Dibble Mate today and take your seeding and cutting operation to the next level. With its easy assembly, foot-operated design, and compatibility with all of our Dibble Boards, the Dibble Mate is the ultimate accessory for growers looking to save time and increase efficiency in their growing operation.

    • Product Info

      • Heavy duty steel construction
      • Powder coated finish
      • Easy to assemble
      • UPS Shipping
    Color: Green
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