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Plug Popper Grande
  • Plug Popper Grande

    Introducing the ultimate solution for growers who work with larger trays - the Plug Popper Grande! Say goodbye to the struggle of dislodging your seeding plants from trays bigger than the standard 10x20 tray. With the Plug Popper Grande, you can now effortlessly pop out your seedlings without worrying about broken stems or damaged roots.


    What sets the Plug Popper Grande apart is its ability to accommodate plastic and Stryoblock tray sizes up to 12x24, making it a versatile tool for growers who use a variety of tray sizes. With its longer and wider body, this model has been specifically designed to handle larger trays and plants.


    The proven foot pedal operation has been enhanced with a wider pedal and dual arms to ensure that the Plug Popper Grande can effectively dislodge your seeding plants from the tray with ease. So, whether you're a commercial grower or a grower who needs to work with larger trays, the Plug Popper Grande is the perfect tool to help you save time and effort while ensuring the health and success of your plants.


      • Acomidates plastic and Stroblock tray sizes up to 12x24
      • Wide foot pedals for greater leverage
      • Heavy Duty Steel Construction
      • Durable Powder Coat Finish
    Color: Green
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