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Tree Popper
  • Tree Popper

    Introducing the ultimate solution for commercial and small-scale growers alike - the Tree Popper! Tired of the difficult and time-consuming chore of pulling seedlings one by one, only to end up with broken stems and damaged roots? Look no further than the Tree Popper.


    This powerful tool is powered by compressed air, dislodging a full tray of seedlings in a matter of seconds. Imagine the time and effort saved by using the Tree Popper for all of your seeding needs.


    What sets the Tree Popper apart is its versatility - available for any size tray, whether it's molded plastic or styro block. And once you've experienced the ease of use, you'll be thrilled to learn that the Tree Popper is virtually maintenance-free.


    Not only will the Tree Popper save you time and effort season after season, but it will also help ensure the health and success of your seedlings by eliminating the risk of damage during the pulling process. So, whether you're a commercial grower or a small-scale grower, the Tree Popper is a must-have tool for any successful seeding operation.


      • Powered by Compressed Air
      • Positive Locking Tray Alignment
      • Heavy Duty Steel Construction
      • Durable Powder Coat Finish
    Color: Green
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