We custom build seeders and seed plates for various greenhouse growing trays. Easy out of the box 5 to 10 minute set up time. There are no confusing brackets, stops, tubes with nozzles, gauges or height adjustments to malfunction. This seeder self centers itself over top of the plug tray, for accurate seed location. Change seed plates and locator frames for different plug tray formats in seconds. Plants most vegetable, flower and tree seed.

Vacuum Seeder

  • Click here to watch a demo video


    1. The vacuum hose is hung so it never drags across the work area or interferes with the operator. Set the seeder on the loading pan. Turn on the vacuum power. Sprinkle a small amount of seed across the vacuum plate. Tip seeder to drop of excess seed into the pan trough. Do a quick visual inspection to make sure all holes are covered with the right amount of seed.
    2. If too many seeds are clinging to seed plate, adjust vacuum pressure valve down slightly. Invert seeder on seed pan, and tap seeder up and down lightly to drop off the extra seed.
    3. Inspect seed plate again, then set seeder over growing tray. Release vacuum by removing the rubber ball from manifold. Tap bottom of seeder with the bench brush and sweep off the seed pan. Set seeder back on seed pan, and repeat. Set the ball back on the manifold opening. Pressure should be set or readjust more or less. Once the right pressure is set, operator with a little experience will soon be able to do about 2-5 seedling trays a minute.